Starting Day 10 :O

So far this journey has been amazing. I cant believe I have kept at this for 10 days and not given up. I guess getting fast results helps. Just hope that the weight is gone for good and this isnt something I have to do for the rest of my life!!

I feel so good.

Weighed in at 116.4kg again…seems a pattern is starting…..losing every 2 days.

I think the probiotic has something to do with it. Only started happening once I remembered to take the probiotic every 2nd night… anyway, Im not gaining weight, so its a win :)

My mood is way better, I have more energy and Im getting stuff done round the house, not just sitting on my phone all day.

I actually look forward to getting up and getting the day started!!

Really loving the PH@TT life…

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