Into week 2

So yesterday was the beginning of week 2.

I ended week 1 at 117.9kg. Total of 2.9kg lost!!!

Day 7 was my best day food wise. I had no cavings, nothing off plan, drank all 3 litres, took all my supplements,  yet I didnt have a loss. I was so disappointed. Then realised that the time I did  Weight watches, It took me 12 weeks to lose 3kgs. This plan is working, not as fast as other PH@TTies, but its working.

Today, day 9,  (day 6 of stage 2) Im sitting at 116.4kg  (4.4kg lost in total) And Im happy with that. Extremely happy. I feel great. Im waking up earlier, I get up earlier, definately have  more energy but most of all….. I know this is doing wonders for my stomach. This plan is designed to reset your gut and get it working as it should.

Onwards and Downwards!!!

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