Hello Day 11

Weigh in today was 115.9kg… Total 4.9kg….. I was a bit bunged up though….

Had some Healtheries laxative Tea last night and again this morning and it loosened thing up. Haven’t weighed again though. Will wait until the morning.

Feeling a bit blah today. Not being able to go loo may have something to do with that though. Hoping to cheer up soon :)

Still keeping to plan and loving this way of eating. I know its not forever, and my body needs this.

Im thinking that I will do another round after this, even though this plan seems expensive, its not really.

I used to spend $240 a month just on my Mother and Lasagna everyday. Plus I ate chippies and lollies and way bigger meals. So Im pretty sure Im saving money. And im definately saving my life!!!

Im Worth It :)

Until tomorrow (hopefully the tea has done its job and I have a good loss tomorrow)

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