Day 14…. 2 whole weeks on plan …

Weigh in this morning …. 115.4kg Total loss so far …. 5.4 Kg

Not so sure I’m gonna get to 10kg loss in the 30 days.  The weight loss has slowed so much, but I have heaps more energy, I’m more motivated, I’m sleeping awesome. Way more benefits to this program than weight loss.

Day 12 ..

Starting day 12 at 115.7kg. 5.1kg down.

Not sure how I feel about that. I found some Laxative  tea in the cupboard from my last failed attempt at losing weight and that unblocked me. So I was expecting to see a bigger loss on the scales.

Still feeling good and not hungry at all.

I am kind of sick of fish. Cant stand the smell anymore. Looking forward to my beef for lunch  :)

Hello Day 11

Weigh in today was 115.9kg… Total 4.9kg….. I was a bit bunged up though….

Had some Healtheries laxative Tea last night and again this morning and it loosened thing up. Haven’t weighed again though. Will wait until the morning.

Feeling a bit blah today. Not being able to go loo may have something to do with that though. Hoping to cheer up soon :)

Still keeping to plan and loving this way of eating. I know its not forever, and my body needs this.

Im thinking that I will do another round after this, even though this plan seems expensive, its not really.

I used to spend $240 a month just on my Mother and Lasagna everyday. Plus I ate chippies and lollies and way bigger meals. So Im pretty sure Im saving money. And im definately saving my life!!!

Im Worth It :)

Until tomorrow (hopefully the tea has done its job and I have a good loss tomorrow)

Starting Day 10 :O

So far this journey has been amazing. I cant believe I have kept at this for 10 days and not given up. I guess getting fast results helps. Just hope that the weight is gone for good and this isnt something I have to do for the rest of my life!!

I feel so good.

Weighed in at 116.4kg again…seems a pattern is starting…..losing every 2 days.

I think the probiotic has something to do with it. Only started happening once I remembered to take the probiotic every 2nd night… anyway, Im not gaining weight, so its a win :)

My mood is way better, I have more energy and Im getting stuff done round the house, not just sitting on my phone all day.

I actually look forward to getting up and getting the day started!!

Really loving the PH@TT life…

Into week 2

So yesterday was the beginning of week 2.

I ended week 1 at 117.9kg. Total of 2.9kg lost!!!

Day 7 was my best day food wise. I had no cavings, nothing off plan, drank all 3 litres, took all my supplements,  yet I didnt have a loss. I was so disappointed. Then realised that the time I did  Weight watches, It took me 12 weeks to lose 3kgs. This plan is working, not as fast as other PH@TTies, but its working.

Today, day 9,  (day 6 of stage 2) Im sitting at 116.4kg  (4.4kg lost in total) And Im happy with that. Extremely happy. I feel great. Im waking up earlier, I get up earlier, definately have  more energy but most of all….. I know this is doing wonders for my stomach. This plan is designed to reset your gut and get it working as it should.

Onwards and Downwards!!!

Day 7…. almost 1 week on plan

Yesterday was great. Stayed on plan ALL DAY!   Weighed in at 117.9 this morning. Total of 2.9kg lost on this amazing journey.

Still hungry but not so much that I snack. Going to bed early  definately helps with late night bordem eating. Have not mised coke or my daily Mother drinks. Headaches still suck but im sure they will disappear soon.

Looking forward to the week ahead  :)

Day 6 :)

Weighed in at 118.7 this morning.    Total lost; 2.1kg  Happy with that

Was so hungry yesterday, I ate naughty things. Had a few muslie bars. 2 in the arvo and 2 later at night. If I had gone to bed instead of catching up on Shorty and Wentworth, I wouldnt have had the last 2!!!   Lesson learnt. Early to bed.

Had a headache most of the day aswell. Joys of kicking an Energy Drink habit…. Getting a bit bored eating shrimp every night. Will have to go buy some fish.

Other than that…. cant say im “enjoying” this way of eating right now, but its definately working   :)

Start of Day 5…. Day 2 of stage 2

Weighed in at 119.4 this morning. Happy with that. Down 1.4kg!

The waters not so bad now. Its 9.15 and I have already had 500ml  :)   I do get a bit hungry and I have a massive headache again today.

Loving stage 2 as I dont have to think about what im eating. The plan has that sussed. Had garlic prawns and broccoli last night. Was YUM!

Have 2 xtras here this weekend so need to keep meals prepared so I dont just snack.  Onwards and Downwards as my mentor would say  :)

Day 4…. not happy

So Im at day 4. Day 1 of stage 2.

Im looking at my sad brekky of 80gm chicken. Thats it. Chicken.

Weighed in at 120kg this morning. F all weight lost and I’m starving!

Hopefully im not drinking all this crappy water for nothing.