Day 1….(2 days early, could’nt wait)

Went to the garage today and the postie had left my Modere Products! Yay…. I checked the fridge and feezer and saw that I have  everyhing for my first 3 days. Thought  what the heck. Might as well start now!!

Went to the bathrom and weighed myself!   Im offcially the heaviest I have ever been. A huge 120.8kg!

If today wasnt the start of my new life, I think I woul have cried!!!

Mixed my “goop” and drank that. Then ate brekky and had my other Modere products which will support my body with nutirents during this journery.

Im feeling excited and nervous that I will fail AGAIN at losing weight. Im worried Im not going to be able to drink all the icky water I have been told I need to drink so my body can detox.

There is an amazing support group on Facebook and my mentor is awesome.

I have this.  Im going to succeed!!!

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