All signed up…

All signed up today and my products are ordered!!!! Waiting (impaitenty) haha for all the booklets etc to arrive in my in box.  Will do the grocery shop on Wednesday and Thursday will be my starting day  yay.

I have joined an extremely supportive facebook page where the people are amazing and have had amazing results. Not just weightloss, but better quality of life. More energy, no aches and pains. A lot of them were previously on meds for blood pressure, diabetes, pain…. and no longer require it.

Im so excited to start my body reset. Get rid of the nasties and lose this weight.

Im going to have to really focus on the whole drinking water thing. I HATE WATER!! I know it plays a huge part in detox and keeping ya body healthy, so hopefully by Thursday, I can drink a lot more than I do now….

Well…. Thats me til Thursday

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