Day 7…. almost 1 week on plan

Yesterday was great. Stayed on plan ALL DAY!   Weighed in at 117.9 this morning. Total of 2.9kg lost on this amazing journey.

Still hungry but not so much that I snack. Going to bed early  definately helps with late night bordem eating. Have not mised coke or my daily Mother drinks. Headaches still suck but im sure they will disappear soon.

Looking forward to the week ahead  :)

Day 6 :)

Weighed in at 118.7 this morning.    Total lost; 2.1kg  Happy with that

Was so hungry yesterday, I ate naughty things. Had a few muslie bars. 2 in the arvo and 2 later at night. If I had gone to bed instead of catching up on Shorty and Wentworth, I wouldnt have had the last 2!!!   Lesson learnt. Early to bed.

Had a headache most of the day aswell. Joys of kicking an Energy Drink habit…. Getting a bit bored eating shrimp every night. Will have to go buy some fish.

Other than that…. cant say im “enjoying” this way of eating right now, but its definately working   :)

Start of Day 5…. Day 2 of stage 2

Weighed in at 119.4 this morning. Happy with that. Down 1.4kg!

The waters not so bad now. Its 9.15 and I have already had 500ml  :)   I do get a bit hungry and I have a massive headache again today.

Loving stage 2 as I dont have to think about what im eating. The plan has that sussed. Had garlic prawns and broccoli last night. Was YUM!

Have 2 xtras here this weekend so need to keep meals prepared so I dont just snack.  Onwards and Downwards as my mentor would say  :)

Day 4…. not happy

So Im at day 4. Day 1 of stage 2.

Im looking at my sad brekky of 80gm chicken. Thats it. Chicken.

Weighed in at 120kg this morning. F all weight lost and I’m starving!

Hopefully im not drinking all this crappy water for nothing.

Day 1….(2 days early, could’nt wait)

Went to the garage today and the postie had left my Modere Products! Yay…. I checked the fridge and feezer and saw that I have  everyhing for my first 3 days. Thought  what the heck. Might as well start now!!

Went to the bathrom and weighed myself!   Im offcially the heaviest I have ever been. A huge 120.8kg!

If today wasnt the start of my new life, I think I woul have cried!!!

Mixed my “goop” and drank that. Then ate brekky and had my other Modere products which will support my body with nutirents during this journery.

Im feeling excited and nervous that I will fail AGAIN at losing weight. Im worried Im not going to be able to drink all the icky water I have been told I need to drink so my body can detox.

There is an amazing support group on Facebook and my mentor is awesome.

I have this.  Im going to succeed!!!

All signed up…

All signed up today and my products are ordered!!!! Waiting (impaitenty) haha for all the booklets etc to arrive in my in box.  Will do the grocery shop on Wednesday and Thursday will be my starting day  yay.

I have joined an extremely supportive facebook page where the people are amazing and have had amazing results. Not just weightloss, but better quality of life. More energy, no aches and pains. A lot of them were previously on meds for blood pressure, diabetes, pain…. and no longer require it.

Im so excited to start my body reset. Get rid of the nasties and lose this weight.

Im going to have to really focus on the whole drinking water thing. I HATE WATER!! I know it plays a huge part in detox and keeping ya body healthy, so hopefully by Thursday, I can drink a lot more than I do now….

Well…. Thats me til Thursday

Tomorrow I sign up!

Hi. Im Amanda.

I’m 38 years old, been mrried for 20 years to my amazing hubby and father of our 4 children.

We fostered a little 3 day old baby 2 years ago and if I dont make a change now, there is no way I will be able to keep up with our little tornado. I dont want to be the fat mum that cant go on school trips cause she’s too fat to walk and her body aches all the time. I want to be the old mum that is fit and has the energy to join in .

My journey starts tomorrow with a phone call. A phone call that will change my mind and body. A phone call that will enable me to be the best me I can be. A phone call that will help get me to 65 before 40!!!

Im so looking forward to tomorrow. Tomorrow is gonna be the 1st day of my new PH@TT (Putting Health @ the Top) life.